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You or a member of your staff are about to move to Hamburg, to live and work here – perhaps only on a temporary basis, maybe for longer, possibly forever. To ensure that the whole process of establishing a new home in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg proceeds as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we at Relocx Relocation Services Hamburg have developed a whole range of service packages for you, depending on your individual requirements and budget (please note that third-party costs, such as estate agent fees, are calculated separately).

Our tried and tested one-stop support service - for you, your family or your new personnel - provides expert guidance to eliminate the stress of moving to a new city in a well-organized, competent fashion. Naturally discretion is guaranteed. In this way the new residents of Hamburg are able to concentrate on the challenges of their workplaces here as soon as they arrive, instead of having to arrange somewhere to live and all the associated necessities of life.

Service Packages

Here you will find a detailed outline of our various Relocation Service Packages. Naturally we would be happy to tailor the arrangements to your individual requirements, but please note that we do not provide legal consultancy or real estate services.

Nothing here fits your needs precisely? Then just contact Relocx Relocation Services Hamburg: we'll be glad to find a suitable solution for your exact requirements.


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Individual Services

'Nothing that suits you down to the ground? Then just contact us!'

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